Find the key to learning how to feel confident over the ball, how to execute your ‘driving range’ swing on the golf course, and ultimately, consistently, lower your score. For less than the cost of a single green fee, Subconscious Golf can give you everything you need to know, everything the pros have learned from Subconscious Golf!

You will quickly appreciate that the concepts Ed is teaching you work because they will be validated by your own personal experience!



  • The 140-page Subconscious Golf instruction book
  • An hour of high definition videos linked to the lessons in the book
  • Unlimited access to the Mental Scorecard game measurement tool and Habit Formation Calendars
  • Access to the original Subconscious Golf audio archives
  • Insider-only access to new program modules and application techniques as they’re released

The Subconscious Golf instruction book is easily downloadable in most major e-book formats, and is also available as an enriched PDF.
The videos are linked within the book and can be accessed via any web connection.


A solid mental game is the foundation for a good physical game. Subconscious Golf, a user-friendly and enjoyable series of tools, can help you to master control over your mind. With this program, you will learn how to sharpen your focus, swing in the moment, and repeatedly target lower scores. Your clubs will be powered by something far more powerful than your body.

“I stayed focused… played one shot at a time… stuck to my game plan…”

We hear these words in every Sunday evening press conference after a golf tournament. They sound cliché, but that is because they are true and those words speak of one thing – the mental game. The mental game is your ability to harness and take advantage of the strength of your mind. The mental game is the confidence of a relaxed swing. The mental game is making those clutch shots that put you at the top of your foursome, even win tournaments.

How is it done? Professionals know that hitting balls on the range is not enough. Pre-planning the upcoming round of golf in their minds can be just as valuable, if not more so. Learning how to visualize every shot before it happens, developing swing keys, practicing  not just a  physical pre-shot routine but a mental pre-shot routine until it becomes second nature – all these things are designed to strengthen your mental game until it can guide your physical game and allow you to more easily play up to your potential.

You will quickly appreciate that the concepts Ed is teaching you work because they will be validated by your own personal experience!



“Ed Grant cant help you get better, no matter what kind of swing you have. I know he’s helped me, both as a player and a teacher.”

Dave Stockton

Three-Time Major Championship Winner

“Ed Grant’s material has been an integral part of my teaching ever since I heard his tapes many years ago. It’s fantastic information.”

Jim McLean

Top-Ranked Golf Instructor

“I know I’m a much better coach when I practice what Ed preaches. He can do the same for you, whether you’re a golf instructor, aspiring tour-player or 20 handicapper.”

Tim Mahoney

Top-Ranked Golf Instructor

“There are a lot of approches to how to do it, but nobody has come up with anything that, to me, has improved on what Ed talks about in Subconscious Golf.”

Gray Koch

PGA Tour Winner and Network Golf Announcer


Ed began playing golf in college while he was studying Psychology at the University of Arizona.  He learned by reading all the usual books on the “physical” game of golf and by caddying on the PGA Tour during his summer and winter breaks from college studies.  A natural athlete he quickly got down to a single digit handicap but his studies in Psychology made him realize that in order to keep improving, he had to learn more about the mental game of golf.  He searched but found that contrary to the many physical how-to books, there were no books that specifically taught the mental aspect of the game of golf.  So Ed began applying knowledge of Psychology to his game, and this allowed him to take his game went to the next level.

Ed made some recordings about his concepts and experiences that somehow found their way into the hands of two of the premier teachers of the game, Jim Flick and Bob Toski, as well as Dr. Gary Wiren of the PGA of America. Impressed by what they heard, they invited Ed to teach at golf seminars they were hosting around the country and the reaction was pretty unanimous, Ed’s concepts were widely praised, accepted and adapted by virtually every player and teacher who heard them…and Subconscious Golf was born.

Subsequently, Ed went on to produce multiple versions and updates to his Subconscious Golf teachings and recordings until he recently teamed with Golf Digest’s Matthew Rudy to put Subconscious Golf into book form for the first time.  But not just a “regular” book, this is a book with videos embedded throughout that allow Ed to thoroughly explain and demonstrate the techniques that have helped thousands of teachers and players over the past 30 years.

“Subconscious Golf is one of the best golf books I have read in a very long time. It’s filled with eye-opening insights, instruction and thought patterns that, unequivocally, will make you a better player.”

This time-tested guide to the mental game of golf remains the secret weapon of some of the best tour and teaching professionals to this very day. Ed has taught his concepts in top college programs, at National Golf Foundation seminars, as well as to thousands of members of the PGA of America. Across the country, Subconscious Golf has become an integral part of programs used by many noted teaching professionals, including Golf Digest’s Top 50 teachers like Dave Stockton, Jim McLean and Tim Mahoney. Tour players on every major tour who have completed the Subconscious Golf program and have seen significant improvements in their games. And so can you!

Ed created Subconscious Golf not just for the pros, but for anyone with the motivation to improve their game. Whether you’re a 20-handicap or scratch golfer, you will benefit enormously from this comprehensive guide to the mental game of golf.

Ed became a top amateur player and won numerous local and regional tournaments. While he continued teaching his tried and true method, helping golfers to achieve their maximum potential, to walk onto the golf course with confidence and walk off with satisfaction.

Now, Ed lives in Scottsdale with Diane, his high school sweetheart, and wife of 42 years.  Together they have 4 children, 9 and a half grandchildren and, God willing, more on the way!

You will quickly appreciate that the concepts Ed is teaching you work because they will be validated by your own personal experience!